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Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union Were Wed in a Moated Manse

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As tales from the joyous Dwyane Wade and Gabrielle Union nuptials continue to make their way around the internet—rumor has it that the actress and high rolling Miami Heat player's celebration included roaming chickens—the greatest intel of all remains the big news that the couple wed inside a bona fide floating castle in Homestead, Fla. Once the site of a softly-lit, extremely romantic Birdman music video, the Chateau Artisan, which Curbed Miami calls "notoriously absurd," was built by architect Charles Sieger as a personal home, with customizations that include a series of squared-off island courtyards, bizarrely landscaped gardens, and that semi-useless, landlocked moat. Seiger later listed the customized palace for $13M in 2012, only to PriceChop it down to $10.9M when no buyer came forth. Interested? Do tour the full wedding grounds (and maybe even buy them,) below:

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