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The Snow Lover's Bucket List: 33 Things to Do Before You Die

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Skiing is a way of life. For those who love the snow, the mountains, and the funky ski towns we play in, you don't hit the hill a few times a year and call it good. Instead, you spend fall checking the weather forecast and carefully waxing your gear. You spend early winter on man-made snow praying for big storms. And the rest of the winter? Let's just say your non-snow friends don't see you much. Whether it's freezing cold or the perfect powder day, you're making turns. We know you, because that's what we do too. On skis or on a board, we're kindred spirits. With that in mind, we've created the ultimate skiing or riding bucket list. So without further adieu, here are 33 activities that separate the true powderhounds from all the mountain wannabes. Mark them off and live the life, Curbediverse.

PLEASE NOTE: We use the term "ski" to mean both skiing and snowboarding. Also, the following list is numbered but only to aid organization. All of these bucket list items are so awesome, there's no way we could rank them.

1. Go heli-skiing, whether for a day or for a week. Save up the cash and just do it.

2. Stay at a ski-in/ski-out hotel. Need some recommendations? Try one of these.

3. Participate in the ultimate spring rite of passage: the pond skim.

4. Go cat skiing, but make sure you pick a high-quality operation like Colorado's San Juan Untracked.

5. Take advantage of a ski area's hike-to terrain and hike to the top of the mountain. Or just head here and hike every run.

6. Ski all day and then get a massage. It's heavenly.

7. Ski powder in Japan (or is it Ja-pow?)

8. Experience winter in the summer by skiing or riding in New Zealand, Chile, or Argentina.

9. Track a big storm and then chase the powder, wherever it goes.

10. Ski in every state that has skiing.

11. Ski an iconic run. Need ideas? Check out Corbet's Couloir at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, the Peak to Creek in Whistler, or Lover's Leap in Vail.

12. Ski all the trams in North America. Start with the trams at Snowbird, Big Sky, and Jackson Hole.

13. Sleep in a ski area parking lot before a powder day. We like to do this at Wolf Creek in October (when we're lucky).

14. Ski or snowboard on July 4th.

15. Participate in Gaper Day, an awesome day of drinking and ridiculous mountain outfits that pay homage to all things spandex, neon, and patterned.

16. Watch a snow sports competition live.

17. Go to a ski film premier.

18. Make turns in every month of a single year.

19. Score first chair (literally).

20. Ski in Europe.

21. Hit up a local bar after skiing and do a shot ski. Or do a fancy vodka one at Whistler's Bearfoot Bistro.

22. Make the extra effort to ski or ride a local ski hill. Check out Mt. Baker Washington, Colorado's Monarch Mountain, and Oregon's Hoodoo Ski Area.

23. Take a gondola to dinner. One of our favorite's is Allred's at Telluride Mountain Resort.

24. Ski from open to close. Try a ski resort with great grooming, like Sun Valley.

25. Make après turn into dinner.

26. Try night skiing. We love Steamboat.

27. Ski on Super Bowl Sunday. Nothing beats avoiding the crowds and then hunkering down in a bar to watch the game.

28. Ride a T-bar.

29. Eat your lunch on the lift so you can catch more runs during a pow day.

30. Learn how to ski the whole mountain. That means bumps, steeps, bowls, and trees.

31. Poach a hot tub.

32. Ski by yourself.

33. Ski with a posse of friends. Because nothing beats sharing an epic day with the people you love.

That's it snow friends. What did we miss? Let us know in the comments, or shoot us an email.

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