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World's Most Expensive Apartment Will Actually Cost $475M

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The world's most expensive apartment will be (reaches into hat full of numbers set at completely arbitrary values above the previously announced ask of $250M) priced at $475M, according to HuffPost, which recently featured a video of the place, and proclaimed it perfect but for the lack of a gym. Which is pretty egregious oversight, because if you, as a Saudi prince or a Walton, drop close to half a billion dollars on a glassy five-level Monaco penthouse only to be stuck at a communal weight room, you may as well be down at the Planet Fitness hoisting medicine balls with the have-nots. Planned for the city's controversial Tour Odéon, the apartment has a slide-equipped infinity pool, because the exorbitantly wealthy are apparently still charmed by the visual effect of water extending to the horizon.
· The World's 'Most Expensive' Apartment Is Almost Perfect [HuffPost]