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Ludicrously Lavish Baronial Estate in Indiana Wants $25M

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Location: Carmel, Indiana
Price: $25,000,000
The Skinny: In this era of 'Gilded Age, Part Deux' there is luxury and then there is the insanely lavish, and this massive estate in Indiana is perhaps the poster residence for the latter category. What we have here is a modern-day manor surrounded by an 18-hole golf course instead of a moat, manned by an army of groundskeepers instead of an ornery hoard of pikesmen, and possessed of a chef's kitchen rather than an open firepit surrounded by lean, hungry dogs squatting on their haunches, attentively watching dressed wild boar turning slowly on their spits. No expense was spared in the construction of the home, which served as the family seat of late mall magnate and Indiana Pacers co-owner Mel Simon. In all, the property boasts more than 80,000 square feet of living space, including the main house (50,000 square feet), a guest house (8,000 square feet), a clubhouse (7,000 square-feet), and miscellaneous other out-buildings, which of course includes a greenhouse. This gargantuan manse, which the listing notes is "decorated exquisitely with World Class Charm and European flair," is asking the princely sum of $25M.

· 10110 Ditch Road, Carmel, Indiana. [Estately]
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