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Step Inside D.C.'s Very First Shipping Container Apartments

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The shipping container architectural renaissance marches on, continuing the advance into Washington, D.C., which has officially wrapped construction on its first shipping container apartment complex. Just two months ago, this four-unit dwelling was little but a stack of corrugated metal boxes, and a year ago, it was just a regular single-family house. Now? It's a mod and sophisticated apartment complex, complete with with all the fixings of a proper urban dwelling.

There's as yet not a stick of furniture inside the containers, but welded metal and wide-plank hardwoods line the floors, while corrugated plastic coats (and weather-proofs) the exterior. The "windows" are a mix of notches cut into the metal siding and floor-to-ceiling glass walls, some of which open up to balconies. Though certainly distinct from its neighbors, the blue and grey structure, designed by local architect Travis Price, isn't too much of a distraction, and come night time, the whole thing looks like a giant, modular tin lantern.

Of course, not everybody is a fan. According to Curbed DC, one neighbor took the time to write in the neighborhood newsletter that "I suspect that a few decades of wear will quickly turn them into slums." Oof.

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