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See Bud Light Taking Over Crested Butte Right This Second

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Get ready folks, because Bud Light is turning Crested Butte into Whatever Town, USA and the transformation is happening as we speak. After two weeks of drama over whether or not the historic ski town should be painted blue (and paid $500,000) as part of Bud Light's "Are You Up for Whatever" ad campaign, the weekend-long party officially starts tomorrow. You can read up on the controversy over here, but let's take a sneak peak at what is happening in good ol' Crested Butte, shall we? PS: Rumor has it that Jay-Z is playing this weekend, and that just might be the tamest thing that happens at this beer-filled blue bash.

Preparations started with painting the streets blue:

There seems to be a giant blue gorilla, because of course:

There's also 6 hot tubs next to a "beach" and what looks to be a giant boom box?

And of course the rumors are running rampant about what else is in store, namely a star-studded concert that includes Jay-Z and Beyonce. Some tweets even assume that Jay-Z is already IN the ski town:

Look like fun? Don't jump into your car and start that road trip quite yet, only Gunnison County residents and Bud Light contest winners are allowed into the 3-block party venue. Sorry kids.

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