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Behold the Home of a Couple Who 'Love Curves But Not Circles'

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Faced with the rather daunting task of building an "asymmetric dream home" for a couple who "love curves but not circles," organic architect and eccentric home enthusiast Robert Harvey Oshatz built the sprawling Chenequa Residence to compliment and correspond with its woodsy, mountainside surroundings in Milwaukee, Wisc. Half kooky Jetsons and half naturalistic eco-haven, the four-bedroom, 7,500-square-foot estate is made from the same natural materials inside and outside, with Idaho quartz walls, a cedar roof, and hemlock panelling. In terms of the dramatic shape—really, it's practically snake-like is its twists and turns—Oshatz explains that entire internal space spirals out from a stone-cored central atrium, with a pointy little peeked roof signaling a final "termination point." Check out a few more shots, below, then head over to Oshatz's official website for the full gallery.

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