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Watch Ikea Do a Stellar Impression of an Apple Promo Video

Those lovable scamps at Ikea, a company that's dominated the world thanks in no small part to totally beyond crazy marketing campaigns, just released a pseudo-commercial touting the many intuitive and user-friendly qualities of its catalogue—or, rather, its "bookBook." Modeled after Apple's iconic instructional videos—think clean white background, phantom hands, and a voiceover supplied by an affable dude—the Swedish furnishing giant's video short walks the user through its 2015 mailer, which measures in at just "8mm thin"—actually kind of notable in a scene populated by 17-pound home catalogs—and "comes pre-installed with thousands of home furnishing ideas." After "downloading one from your mailbox," the video suggests shoppers "upload themselves to the Ikea store."

The Video:

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