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Haters Only Make This Butterfly-Themed Mansion Stronger

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Ah, the butterfly. So delicate! So free! So not the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of $6.75M Arizona mansions, and the repeated motifs that might best guide them and their kitchen islands to even the lower echelons of tasteful design.

Not that the wider consensus on aesthetics necessarily matters to someone who fills their Pepto-Bismol pink, bizarro-Gaudí Southwestern compound with butterfly-inspired floor medallions, railings, gates, and columns. In fact, there are probably few individuals for whom that kind of thing matter less.

Designed by architect Bill Schroeder, Arizona's "ultimate mountain estate" is, according to the listing, "impeccably designed," "pristine" in condition, and "unsurpassed" in its attention to quality. One thing the author left out? Brave.

· 11225 N. Crestview Drive [Marta Walsh Group]