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Charlotte's Little Yellow 'Historical Treasure' is Up for $1.7M

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Location: Charlotte, North Carolina
Price: $1,700,000
The Skinny: Built in 1905, Charlotte's James A. Blakeney House operated as a farm, one so idyllic that children would tour it for school. Decades later, in 1986, the five-bedroom house—gabled roof, door millwork, butter-yellow clapboard siding and all—achieved landmark status, and has been meticulously maintained ever since. The interiors boast the country charm of every single episode of The Joy of Painting distilled into one 3,931-square-foot abode, with a parlor, eight working fireplaces, and a whole lot of autumnal wallpaper. All that, plus the property's gardens and saltwater pool, led Arch Digest to call it an "historical treasure."

· 9214 Blakeney Heath Rd., Charlotte, N.C. [Sotheby's Realty]
· On the Market: an Historic Southern Farmhouse [Architectural Digest]