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Concrete-Heavy Argentine Studios Still 'Seek for Rusticity'

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To offset the slabs, beams, and columns of concrete that form the shell of the City Block Center of Córdoba, Argentina, architect Pablo Dellatorre planned the 450-square-foot studio apartments in the building around "seeking for rusticity," with floors of guayubira wood, and a "wooden skin" of slatted timber screens surrounding the courtyard. Now inhabited by a group of "young artists, architects, designers, photographers, musicians, actors, and publicists," the building is designed with a communal feel, with each unit equipped with a generous courtyard terrace.

As with other interventions into concrete-heavy spaces, the key is maximizing the natural light and bringing in warmer materials. The taste for weathered wood tables and midcentury chairs displayed by the inhabitants also does a lot for the space. Step inside, below:

· City Block Center / Pablo Dellatorre [Arch Daily]