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Zaha's New Towers are Controversial 'Champagne Flute' Triplets

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The ever-busy Zaha Hadid is at it again with her latest Grace on Coronation project, which will decorate the waterfront in Toowong, Australia, with three matching residential towers. Pitched as a "vibrant urban village," the trio will contain 486 apartments, eight villas, and an interconnecting landscaped park, all with an encased in a colorless swooping web, as is the Zaha way. Also true to the starchitect's form is the near immediate controversy the "champage flutes" are triggering. Not only do they exceed the city's 15-story height limit, but they also clash, according to locals, with the area's historic architecture. For better or worse, building isn't set to start until 2015, though, leaving plenty of time for possible redesigns and rampant internet complaining. Take a look:

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