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Revisions Bring Revised Jabs for Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial

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The latest obscure missive from the very catty-sounding talks that the National Capital Planning Commission engages in over Frank Gehry's Eisenhower Memorial signals a thin ray of hope for the very embattled project, one that Architectural Record is ready to label as "cautious support," based on congressman Darrell Issa's stated commitment to the project (despite the fact that he "probably wouldn't want to live in" a Gehry design). After having a few tapestries and columns removed to better "preserve the integrity of Pierre L'Enfant's plan for Washington," the project still faces "major opposition," and securing $144M in funding remains a "major hurdle." But now the leftover, tapestry-less columns are getting described as "vestigal" and likened to "the latter scenes of Planet of the Apes," which are both pretty marked improvements over comparisons to "chain-link fences at a Nazi concentration camp."

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