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17th-Century Château Hides a Trove of Modern Dutch Design

In renovating the 17th-century Château de la Resle and reopening it as a modern hotel, Johan Bouman and Pieter Franssens have not only brought the modern, designer B&B to Burgundy, France, but they've taken the hospitality industry's embrace of branded retail and given it a designer spin. Spend the weekend in one of its six rooms, the thinking goes, and you might want to take home a few of the pieces filling them, some of which were commissioned from contemporary Dutch designers, and are offered for purchase at the Château de la Resle's online shop.

For now, the objects in the duo's design label—which were unveiled in April at the 2014 Milan Furniture Fair—include egg cups, butter dishes, chopping boards, glasses, porcelain bottles, handblown glass lights, and a wall-hung "mirror cabinet," all inspired by the their renovation process, which was recently explored by Lonny. Below, see how they incorporate original beams, wood paneling, and baroque fireplaces into a very modern space with a new cool palette.

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