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Stylish Pad Combines Midcentury Decor, Toys, and Taxidermy

Here to remind everyone that supremely stylish family pads exist outside the Melbourne city limits is this lovely, rambling abode deep in the unnamed "Australian countryside." Home to photographer Jessica Tremp, her husband Michael Madden, and their young son, the interiors are a combination of Midcentury furniture splurges, paintings by Jessica's father, a "growing collection of handmade ceramics," and a whole lot of eclectic "meaningful objects" that shouldn't work together in theory, but completely do. What strange odds and ends might one find amidst the "markedly kid friendly" rooms? Notables include a sprightly, taxidermied hare—"he was so beautifully made and seems to have such narrative that I couldn't resist him," says Jessica—a bird skull found in Tasmania, and cast-off, slightly creepy toys. Take a look, below:

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