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Weary Frank Lloyd Wright Prairie Schooler Gets 10th Price Cut

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Frank Lloyd Wright's George Madison Millard House in Highland Park, Chicago, just received its tenth price reduction, which is surely grounds for induction into the Pricechopper Hall of Fame, as well as a recognition that being designed by the most widely adored American architect isn't enough to grab some homes a much higher price than their similarly sized neighbors. Owners of Wright's Chicago-era Prairie School homes have been learning that lesson the hard way as of late. This one, built in 1906 for rare book dealer George Madison Millard, is typical of those homes in many ways—a simple, cruciform layout, art glass throughout, batten siding—but isn't much of a looker compared to most of Wright's other designs; the one he made in 1923 for George's wife, Alice, for example.

Still, it's a shame the place, which has four bedrooms and measures 3,013 square feet, can't command a price higher than what the listing author claims is the value of the .66-acre Highland Park plot it sits on. According to one local listing agent, there's both "structural and mechanical work to be done," but as the current owners have already "done much to restore and preserve the home"—including treating it to a way too modern kitchen revamp—any sale would be a "definite passing of the baton." Though the home went up for $1,399,000 in May of 2011, the ask is now $849K.

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