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What Person Actually Wants to Live in This Mod Barnacle?

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Perfect for people prone to quite literally "living on the edge" at all times, this proposed vacation home by the "prefabricated architecture specialists" at Modscape envisions an ultra-modern getaway off coastline of Victoria, Australia, that clutches to the side of a rocky cliff the same way that "barnacles cling to the side of a ship." Much like a shotgun-style home that's been needlessly tipped on its side, the abode is meant to be entered through a top-floor garage, which further descends down by way of a slim glass staircase. Each of the five floors is designed to be split up into partially sectioned off "areas," including three separate bedroom, a dining toom, a spa, and "BBQ zone."

In order to keep the focus on the sea (not exactly a difficult feat, considering the waves pummel rocks below during high tide) the interiors are a slick white affair, with almost no furniture, save for a built-in conversation pit. Take a look at the floorplans, right this way.

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