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188-Square-Foot London Apartment Has the Gall to Ask $444K

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Rather euphemistically touted as a "unique one bed house" in a hip London neighborhood, this 188-square-foot shoebox is currently on the market for a not so tiny $444K. Like most apartments its size, the bed is lofted into its own little sleeping nook, with a combination living room, kitchen, and Japanese-style dining area—Japanese in that there's only a low table and no chairs, and really not much else in the way of furniture—plus one of those highly unfavorable "toilet and sink in the shower" bathroom situations off to one side. Outside, there's an unphotographed patio space, and a little front garden that actually looks pretty charming. "It's possibly the smallest house in the world," says a confused-about-talking-points listing agent. "It's a great crash pad for the area. I've been to the property and it's a really sweet house—it works."

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