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ALERT: Curbed National Seeks TWO (2!) Full-Time Editors

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Effective immediately, Curbed National is seeking a full-time associate editor and a full-time news editor to join the team. Interested? Read on.

Let's talk about the jobs: both require a love of design, architecture, and the home. Both also require an affinity for conversational (and none-too-precious) reporting on those subjects. The news editor is a more senior position, and for that we'll be on the lookout for somebody with demonstrated expertise in writing for the web. The associate editor is a junior-level slot, but still requires writing chops aplenty—not to mention a potent eagerness to join a fast-paced editorial environment. The ideal candidate will be quick to learn, eager to pitch, and psyched to be a part of a growing editorial team.

Apply to be the associate editor, this way. >>

Apply to be the news editor, this way. >>