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Feast Your Eyes on the Most Stunning Aerial Photos of NYC

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On the heels of a few incredible photography projects that captured cities like Dubai and Paris in a dreamy new light, Gizmodo has just shared some jaw-dropping new nighttime aerial photos of New York City from French-American photographer and director Vincent Laforet. This latest body of work, titled "Gotham 7.5K," was shot at an unusually high altitude of 7,500 feet, and has Gizmodo writer Jesus Diaz gushing that it's "so perfect it feels unreal." Indeed, with its prismatic colors and vigorous, glittering streets, the city as captured here looks like something out of Tron, or a marvelous circuit board, or, in Laforet's own words, "brain synapses."

The fact that New York City looks so breathtaking yet so foreign in these photos is probably because it's the first time anything like it has ever been accomplished. Laforet has flown over the city for aerial photos more than 50 times, but, as he explains on his project site, this effort was "the scariest helicopter 'photo mission' of [his] career and the most beautiful." Getting up to 7,500 feet was a rare and logistically complex feat. He tells Gizmodo that no one, to his knowledge, had done it from a helicopter at that attitude before.

And then there's the technology. Laforet, who used cameras like the Canon 1DX and the Mamiya Leaf Credo 50 MP back and "a series of f2.8 to f1.2 lenses including a few tilt-shift lenses," writes, "These are pictures I've wanted to make since I was in my teens, but the cameras simply have not been capable of capturing aerial images from a helicopter at night until very recently." Head over here for his full account of the shooting experience. Below, a few more shots.

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