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Habitat for Humanity Builds a Home with Midcentury Bonafides

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When architect Josh Shelton was tapped to design a home for Habitat for Humanity, via Public Architecture's 1% for Habitat Initiative, he self-consciously brought a bit of Southern California to Kansas City. "I really appreciate the midcentury California and Eichler homes," he tells Dwell, "and the attention they took to indoor and outdoor flow. It's important in this context."

The butterfly roof and the entry courtyard should ring a bell for Joseph Eichler fans. Unlike the homes he built, this one isn't going to be repeated en masse (not yet, anyway), but according to Dwell, Shelton imagined it as a "spec home of sorts, with lessons that can be applied to future projects."

Sustainability and affordability are two obvious things this house has in common with an Eichler, but for Shelton, the most salient one seems to be the indoor-outdoor fluidity, with a big front yard and garden, opened up by orienting the garage toward the courtyard. Full story this way.

· Habitat for Humanity Home in Kansas Channels Midcentury California [Dwell]