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This Mysterious 'Mushroom House' is Begging to Be Fixed Up

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The latest in a string of intriguing "Hobbit-style" houses to hop on the market recently, Wisconsin's famous "Door County Mushroom House" can be snatched up for $349K. But unlike its whimsically-furnished, well-loved counterpart in Maryland, this house is a serious fixer-upper, shrouded in mystery. There's general consensus that the quirky residence was built by an artist in the late 1970s as a cozy summer retreat. More recently, though, the home has sat vacant and boarded up. Anyway, the listing promises one bedroom and two baths, though the photos here mostly depict a murky cave with funky counters and staircases.

Located on a reclusive plot of state-owned land, the house features a two-story atrium and two domed spaces, which add up to about 5,073 square feet altogether. There are also custom-crafted ironwork and cabinetry throughout, and a distinctive front façade that's mostly made of glass. Take a closer look, below:

Photos via Door County Properties

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