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Here Now, 11 Aggressively Twee Nurseries for Zooey Deschanel

Big news: actress/singer/blue eyeballs Zooey Deschanel is pregnant. Before the name speculation begins—we can all agree that it a girl named "Otis," right?—and before the inevitable maternity wear collection (so many polka dots!) and before the world's single-most sense-making lullaby pop album, let's first talk about how Deschanel's incoming nursery situation. Indeed the 500 Days of Summer actress's whole doe-eyed/hair-fringed/knee-high-stockings aesthetic pretty much translates perfectly into the wide world of hipster nursery decor, what with its little teepees and stuffed foxes. Without further ado, 10 baby rooms Zooey Deschanel should check out—for inspiration for little Otis's room as well as Zooey's inescapable line of wall decals.

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