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Won't Someone Drop $32,500 to Save This Lovable Queen Anne?

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This 1894 Queen Anne in rural Henderson, New York has sat empty for the past 20 years, but now, for $32,500, some enterprising folks can save the home before it's too late. The four-bedroom home is actually one of the first versions of the early 20th-century Sears Catalog Homes, which, as the name suggests, involved shipping prospective homeowners a whole kit of materials needed to build a new house. While this home no longer has its original wraparound porch, plenty of original details are still intact, including the three-story turret and the pine staircase inside.

Here's a brief breakdown of the challenge: the house currently has water and electricity, but it will need upgraded systems and a new roof. The siding is salvageable, but there are no windows at all. Head over to This Old House for all the details.

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