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This Woman Sleeps in the Closet of Her Lovely, Tiny Studio

Curbed SF recently toured the home of Catie Nienaber, whose tiny studio in the Hayes Valley neighborhood of San Francisco looks surprisingly spacious because of one daring decision: she turned the walk-in closet into a bedroom. Nienaber qualifies the "bedroom" descriptor, admitting the space is more of "cave for sleeping," where there is absolutely no clearance around the bed for any bedside tables or outlet access. The bed itself was also custom-made to be 10 inches shorter than the standard twin in order to fit. But the benefits are clear. Nienaber has more room in the main living space for entertaining guests, and for accommodating her side business (some 400 items for her online shop are stored in various bins and baskets around the home). See the full house tour here. [Curbed SF]