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See Frank Lloyd Wright Compete in a Midcentury Game Show

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On June 3, 1956, the midcentury starchitect Frank Lloyd Wright appeared as a mystery guest on the popular CBS game show What's My Line? A panel of four blindfolded contestants had to try to guess the identity of the famous then-89-year-old architect by asking him general questions about himself. After establishing that he was self-employed and performed a service, one man asked, "Is this service for both men and women?" Even though he had some trouble hearing the questions, Wright's answers were funny and self-deprecating. "Well, at least I think so," he replied.

The men appear to have no idea whom they are speaking with, but a pair of well-coiffed women figure it out during the seven-minute mark. After the big reveal, the eminent architect turned to the host: "It seemed easy to disguise my presence here, didn't it?" he asked. "But it was such an extraordinarily intelligent panel." After shaking hands with all the contestants, Frank Lloyd Wright left to make room for the next mystery guest: the flamboyant pianist Liberace.

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