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Follow Norman Foster on a New Drone Tour of His Hearst Tower

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To celebrate the 10th birthday of Norman Foster's Hearst Tower, which became the first "green" office skyscraper at the time, the architect himself recently starred in a new video tour of the space. Of course, this being 2015 and we prefer (and can) pretend we're flying through spaces than walking through them: it's a drone tour. Foster, who told Capital New York that he loves to play with drones with his son, gushes about how this new perspective is "something that one never takes for granted." And while on the stroll, the architect, whose own firm Foster+Partners operates out of the building, expresses total satisfaction with how the space has turned out, especially how Hearst magazines as diverse as Popular Mechanics and Good Housekeeping were able to carve out their own world within the tower.

In the same Capital New York interview, Foster also mentioned how it'll be even more interesting when "drone technology gets to the point where people are more relaxed that they can fly indoor with people." That clearly isn't the case here, as the aerial gadget managed to distract just about everyone in its path.

The Video:

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