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Mexico's 30-Foot-Tall Chair-God Will See You Now

Most people think of chairs as something to sit on, but when one is blown up to almost the height of a two-story building and starts looking like some fantastical furniture deity, it's got to mean something more, right? The brainchild of Brooklyn-based artist Mark Reigelman II (who once created a dining table set built from 1,000 pounds of broken glass), this 30-foot-tall "nest chair" named "Nidosilla" was constructed specifically for a design exhibition at a former steel factory site turned sustainable urban park. Intended to celebrate this history, a contrast of industry and nature, "Nidosilla" came alive after over 12,000 pieces of painted boards were tacked on to a massive wooden base structure, as if it were nest woven from scavenged materials. [Design Boom]