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Check Out Amsterdam's Brilliant Mobile Homes For Millennials

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Here's a familiar scenario: a supercharged millennial eagerly takes a job in the big city, only to find that the only viable living situation boils down to sharing a tiny apartment with too many people for too much money. Well, it's a good thing the industry is taking notice. A South African architect, for example, has recently created a tiny house designed especially for young professional just starting out, and in recent months, Dutch developer Heijman has also been developing a concept mobile home targeted to this generation of 25 to 35 year olds hankering after a dynamic urban lifestyle. With a projected rental rate of about $800 a month, though, the two-story wooden "Heijman ONE" homes can't offer a spot in the hottest neighborhoods. That's because the homes' relative affordability comes from the fact that the structures would be erected on stalled construction fields, which the landowners are happy to allow in exchange for some positive energy funneling into the derelict areas.

This arrangement means residents might have to pack up and transport their houses to a new location if development resumes on the old site. In fact, the structure's pre-fab construction means it can be assembled or taken apart in just a day. Sure, the constant worry of having to pick up and move will be distressing, but it doesn't seem all that different from the capricious roommates and landlords people are dealing with already. Plus, the house itself looks pretty sweet.

At about 500 square feet, the loft-style home has ample space for all the essentials: a living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, and patio. Designed by Dutch firm Mood Builders, the house currently generates some solar power, but is aiming to become totally off-grid down the line. In December, two prototype ONE homes were installed in Amsterdam and a volunteer will be testing one of them for three months. Heijman anticipates launching 30 more units across the Netherlands this coming year. Take a tour of the homes, below:

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