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Romance Novelist Nicholas Sparks Makes Furniture Now

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Author Nicholas Sparks, who has an exceptional track record of having novels turned into rom-coms, seems to have decided that creating the dream boyfriend of women everywhere (Noah Calhoun aka Ryan Gosling in The Notebook) is not nearly enough. The best-selling novelist and screenwriter is now designing an "exclusive furniture collection" for big box retailer Sam's Club. In a cringe-y bit of cross-channel branding, the six items are inspired by Sparks' latest book-to-film, The Longest Ride, which is set in a quaint town in North Carolina. "When I designed this collection, I wanted the pieces to have a true craftsmanship that was both beautiful and comfortable," Nicholas Sparks said, according to the Sam's Club press release, because someone with zero background in furniture design definitely created the writing desk they are now selling in their 646 stores.

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