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$25M SoCal Mansion Really Wants to Be a Moroccan Resort

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Location: Palm Desert, Calif.
Price: $24,500,000
"Marrakech? I thought we were in the city of Palm Desert, California, which, though exceptionally livable by most standards, isn't a luxury destination of that caliber!" That seems to be what this kind of intense Palm Desert mansion is going for.

Built over four years by a "cutting-edge architectural team and a group of skilled Moroccan craftsmen," the 16,800-square-foot home known as Casbah Cove is part of the "luxious [sic] Big Horn Golf Club community." Older marketing materials called this resort community "more 'hip' than hip replacement," which: no. Please just stop.

Is it a mirage? A metaphysical anomaly? Maybe it was built by someone who loves Morocco but hates flying.

The asking price for more "opulent amenities" and shapely doorway silhouettes than you can count is $24,500,000.