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Five Designer Homes You Can 'Download' and Build Right Now

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Whipped up by London-based firm Carl Turner Architects, this half-boat, half-house design is the Paperhouses, an experimental website that aims to bring "world class" residential architecture to the masses. Just like WikiHouses, an older open-source project for sharing building plans with the public, the year-old Paperhouses wants to make building a new house as simple as picking a design, downloading the files, and getting straight to construction (either on your own with a suggested network of contractors). "We're trying to bring quality to open source," Paperhouses founder Joana Pacheco told Wired. "Architects that you wouldn't normally call on to do your house are suddenly are very much within your reach." Looking at this dreamy floating structure, that sounds about right.

↓ Sitting on a large floating tray, Turner's house would feature a series of long, narrow spaces on the inside and garden areas on the outside. The approximately 1,345-square-foot space would include two bedrooms, a bathroom, study, living room, and kitchen.

Below, take a look a few more designer homes in the Paperhouses catalog.

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