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Boeing Engineers Work in a Big Box Inside a Much Bigger Box

To bring the engineers developing its new family of 737s closer to the factory floor, Boeing built them an office space right above it. Designed by international mega-firm Gensler, Boeing's 120,000-square-foot, two-story black box is the shiniest, newest space in a factory building that's been churning out planes since the start of World War II.

Gensler's other recent office work has included spaces for Airbnb and Motorola. Creating this "building within a building" setup involved solving for a few pretty idiosyncratic problems, according to a recent Co.Design profile. One being that plane manufacturing can get pretty deafening, so the part of the facade closest to the loudest work was left windowless.

Bringing natural light into this new interior volume involved repurposing existing clerestory window, and opening up existing skylights that had been covered by metal panels during World War II, to prevent potential surveillance. To make sure that light got to all parts of the new space, individual offices were grouped around a double-height, glass-walled bull-pen called the city hall. Check it and the surrounding spaces out below:

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