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What China's People Think of China's 'Weird Buildings'

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China's president Xi Jinping has made it abundantly clear that he's just about had it up to here with his country's "weird architecture"—horseshoes! replica towns! picture frames! pants! more pants!—that has captivated the world in recent years. Good architecture "should be like sunshine from the blue sky and the breeze in spring that will inspire minds, warm hearts, cultivate taste and clean up undesirable work styles," he told newspaper People's Daily, whose office building looks like a giant penis. But what does the country's populace think of China's reputation for expensive, pie-in-the-sky buildings?

Architizer spoke to 15 people living in China to find out.

Highlights include:

"the more important thing is to have the architect understand more about what art is." "There is a lot of weird architecture in China: the big penis, the big coin, the big underpants, the big vagina, etc. They're all inarguably weird and ugly."

"Some of them are strangely nice."

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