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NYC to Build the Hemisphere's Next Tallest Residential Tower

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Already widely dubbed the "world's skinniest skyscraper," the supertall tower that NYC's hotshot firm SHoP Architects has planned for 111 West 57th Street now appears poised to snag another title: the tallest residential building in the Western Hemisphere. According to Curbed NY, new project documents show that the building will reach 1,421 feet, a sizable leap from the previously listed 1,397 feet and 24 feet over current titleholder 432 Park Avenue, just a stone's throw away.

The building, which apparently will only have 45 apartments (with each one taking up the entire floor), got the final go-ahead from the city this week. Crain's also reports that the developers are in "the final stages of securing a $500 million construction loan."

In the meantime, the competition is fierce in this soon-to-be megatower-filled neighborhood. Just down the block from SHoP's skyscraper, an upcoming cantilevered building named the Nordstrom Tower is angling for 1,479 feet, or 1,775 feet including the spire. It'll all depend on who gets up there first.

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