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1948 Time Capsule Was Designed by the Great A. Quincy Jones

It's time to call it: when it comes to midcentury real estate time capsules, those shag-carpeted, wood-paneled, brown refrigerator'd vessels of Mad Men-reinvigorated nostalgia, Southern California reigns supreme. It's got untouched "Brady Bunch edens," it's got 1960s post-and-beams, it's got "shockingly intact" ranches and so much more. Add to the ever-growing index Los Angeles' 1948 Nordlinger House #1, a 2,950-square-foot spread by famed local architect A. Quincy Jones—a.k.a. architectural favorite of both Jennifer Aniston and Courtney Cox.

According to Curbed LA, An Architectural Guidebook to Los Angeles once described the house as "very much under the influence of Frank Lloyd Wright" (aren't we all?), what with its red timber façade and omnipresence of horizontal lines and subtle cantilevers. Inside are all the typical midcentury wonders: mustard carpeting, a dark wood-paneled bar, a heavy brick fireplace, and a set of stairs that is so 1940s-glam you could just die. The ask? $1.75M. Hardly a trifle, but it should be said anyway: new buyer, if you're reading, please, please don't tear this down. Please.

More photos, over at Curbed LA.

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