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Don't Talk to This $7.75M Condo Unless You Have Tons of Art

Targeting the very niche demographic of major art collectors, this four-bedroom apartment was created specifically for those most likely to have bought a work by Damien Hirst "before he was big" and then sold it for enough money to snap up a whole floor of a condo in Manhattan's gallery district. Designed by the architect Steven Harris, who is beloved by many a shelter magazine, the 3,200-square-foot abode has a lighting system devised by a firm that frequently works with museums, built-in humidity controls so that your Anish Kapoor piece doesn't melt (unless that's what it's supposed to do), and walls that are reinforced to support heavy installations.

The apartment's 40-foot-long living/dining room comes with huge casement windows "exquisitely framed with a marble Tiffany-style molding detail never seen before in a downtown residential building," asserts the brokerbabble. There's also a terrace off the kitchen, entry through a private elevator, chevron-patterned oak flooring, and, perhaps unsurprisingly, a blue-chip gallery on the ground floor.

For $7.75M, a future owner can partake in "a lifestyle no other building or location can deliver," or you know, have a pretty splendid pad with views of the High Line. This apartment is part of a new eight-unit luxury development that is still under construction; everything should be wrapped up by spring. Photos, below:

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