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Man Converts Rusty Van into Solar-Powered Party Cabin

In March of 2014, a 25-year-old Englishman named Mike Hudson quit his job working on offshore gas platforms in the North Sea, sold most of his belongings, and set off for France in a rusty, ten-year-old van bought off eBay that he'd spent five months converting into a solar-powered mobile home. His new home had timber-clad walls and all manners of modern conveniences, including a shower, kitchen, toilet, and a pressurized water system with hot water on demand. "No plans or layouts were drawn up or measured," Hudson writes in his blog, Van Dog Traveller. "It was pretty much built on the fly."

The plan was to live off the grid while traveling around Europe. Hudson, who is originally from Hull, England, has now been on the road for nine months, attending music festivals and raves in Hungary and Spain, and camping everywhere in between. His van has both a futon and a multi-person hammock. It also has a kitchen area with a sink, gas cooker, and fridge, along with a work space, a speaker system, and quite a bit of shelving. "You can't have a book shelf in a van— they will all fall off," Hudson writes. "Whoever said that was right but it didn't stop me." Photos, below:

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