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Roman Abramovich is About to Sire a Monster Mansion in NYC

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Russian billionaire Roman Abramovich, the real estate whale that once had a dream to buy the most expensive co-op ever sold before the seller spurned his ambitions by pulling out last minute, is poised to do something else entirely with his NYC portfolio. The New York Post reports that the billionaire has "secretly" bought two adjoining townhouses on Manhattan's Upper East Side, with third adjoining townhouse in contract. His plan is easy to predict: combine the some $55.4M worth of house into one truly baller mega house.

Curbed NY has more details:

"The largest of the three properties is No. 11, measuring 21 feet wide and 9,495 square feet. Both numbers 13 and 15, Queen Anne-style houses that date to 1880, measure 17-feet wide. No. 15 is 7,286 square feet, while No. 13 comes in at 8,116. So Abramovich's mansion—where he plans to live with his girlfriend—could be nearly 25,000 square feet, making it one of the largest (if not the largest) homes in New York City. Make that a lesson, kids: when the seller of your promised $75M mansion pushes you off the horse, there's nothing left to do buy the crap out of the Upper East Side.

(Artist's rendering, below:)

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