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Want to Live on the Grounds of the Du Pont Murder Mansion?

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Come on, loads of people are doing it! At least 123 people so far; that's how many homes the Wall Street Journal reports that developer Toll Brothers has sold, of the many million-dollar homes they are building on the site where John du Pont, heir to the Du Pont family fortune, murdered Olympic champion freestyle wrestler Dave Schultz, in 1997. The event was the subject of the 2014 film Foxcatcher, starring Steve Carell and Channing Tatum and Mark Ruffalo, which garnered five Oscar noms, and was widely considered to be the best murder drama with wrestling in it of the year.

Going directly against the advice of the world's foremost expert on murder homes, Toll razed Liseter Hall, the Du Pont family mansion, which was built in 1922. Kind of a shame, but it makes sense—not much to be done with a huge historic mansion on a plot you're trying to develop into $1.1M five-bedroom homes and $600K townhouses (449 are approved for 200 acres, with 200 surrounding acres left undeveloped).

At least one structure from the original farm was kept, though; a carriage barn Toll spent $4.5M refashioning into a clubhouse. Also, here's something weird:
Many buildings had been painted pitch black, the result of a bizarre request from an imprisoned Mr. du Pont to a caretaker, according to Doug Humes, former president of the Newtown Square Historical Society.Full story here. · Du Pont Estate Remade With Luxury Homes [WSJ]