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Genius 'Platform' Home Looks Perfect Next to an Old Train Car

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Here, it looks like a train is just about to pull out of the station, but in fact, it's a wholly bespoke house designed to live in harmony with a cherished relic of the region. Indeed, when commissioned to build a house on this unique site, Japanese architect Takanobu Kishimoto decided to embrace the old train car on the lot instead of remove it as originally planned. Ultimately, the clever solution is this "plathome," a narrow, single-story home that features a metallic cantilevered roof reminiscent of a train station platform.

And the train car isn't just here for the cool illusion. Fully integrated into the home, the vehicle (which actually served as a community center at one point) now fulfills the client's wish for a large space for firewood storage—and in terms of a flexible, bonus living area, its cozy, wood-lined interior sure beats the typical basement or attic. Take a closer look, below.

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