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If Chicago Rejects Him, Lucas Might Take His Museum to L.A.

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With Gehry and Sorkin in his corner, and in the other, a lakefront protection group and the editorial board of the Chicago Tribune, George Lucas is openly mulling the possibility of moving his museum proposal to L.A., a warm, golden land with a proven tolerance for Star Wars buildings. "We still have to get through some lawsuits and things in Chicago," Lucas tells the L.A. Times. "Once we make it through, we'll be on our way. But it's still a possibility that Chicago will be unable to do it." In which case, L.A. would be cool, because it would be right on the USC campus, and he gets to avoid "all the rigmarole of years and years of trying to get past everything."

Curbed LA thinks that the city would likely embrace the project. For now, it looks like Lucas has faith in Chicago mayor Rahm Emanuel, "who is dedicated to making it happen. But he's also coming up for election next month." So who knows? Also, how would L.A. feel, knowing it was picked last? Seems not very conducive to a healthy relationship.

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