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CMH Heli-Skiing Offers the Most Expensive Ski Vacation Ever

Curbed Ski is no stranger to bucket-list trips that cost tens of thousands of dollars, whether it's an $80K Aspen vacation or a $65K Four Seasons getaway. But never before have we seen a trip as expensive, ridiculous, and amazing as CMH Heli-Skiing's new Ultimate Heli-Ski Experience. Priced at about $458,000 ($549,500 CDN), this baller package isn't just pricey, its the most expensive ski vacation ever.

CMH Heli-Skiing has long been one of the most reputable and best heli-ski operators in the British Columbia backcountry, so its no surprise that they wanted to do something big to celebrate the company's 50th anniversary. So what does almost half a million dollars buy you?

· 7 days and nights of private heli-skiing at CMH Valemount for up to 10 people.
· Exclusive access to the CMH McBride tenure, April 11-18, 2015. CMH McBride is a region that hasn't been skied or snowboarded for years.
· Private jet transportation provided by Chapman Freeborn from NYC to Valemount.
· All dinners catered by a private chef from the critically-acclaimed Nobu restaurant.
· Evening wine pairings from the world's finest vintages.
· Dedicated personal concierge on hand throughout.
· Limited edition CMH-branded Arc'teryx ski jacket and pants, Smith googles and Hestra gloves.
· Limited edition Atomic skis or Burton snowboards and transportation bags.
· Private videographer to capture and record the entire trip.
· A surprise 50th Anniversary welcome gift.
· Bragging rights for life.

If anyone out there wants to take Curbed Ski on this epic vacation, feel free to contact us. We'd be more than happy to join you. To make actual reservations, have your personal assistant call CMH at 1-888-760-2846 or check their website.

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