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For $2.5M, an Industrial Dwelling in the Dallas Design District

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Location: Dallas, Texas
Price: $2,495,000
A 9,000-square-foot home in Dallas' post-industrial Design District is on the market for $2,495,000. The owner, a designer who has "worked with artists for over 30 years," according to listing agent Nancy Dunning, converted the 1948 Viking Freight Company building with her architect husband in 2009. The marketing material mentions "great parking," which is a bit of an understatement: there's parking for 80, because it sits on a one-acre lot.

A rotating door of the owner's own design breaks the window-covered front facade, opening onto a long hallway with a circular skylight in the middle. Off to one side is a well-equipped kitchen, heavy on the stainless steel. In the living room, a fireplace is inserted into a column of original cinderblocks. The floors are polished concrete.

The corrugated metal roof and steel rafters are also original, but the red bricks were brought into replace ones that disintegrated when the owners tried to sandblast them. Right now, this loft-style home has three bedrooms and six bathrooms, but the listing notes that "zoning allows it to be used for many purposes, including gallery, showroom, restaurant, office, etc."

· 146 Payne Street [Briggs Freeman]