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Don't Worry Jackson Hole, the Hooters Rumor is a Hoax

All of Jackson Hole has been abuzz with the big news: Hooters is coming to town. So what started this crazy rumor? A Craigslist job ad originally posted 9 days ago. The ad claims "Hooters is coming to Jackson Hole July 2015" and the company is looking for all staff positions and employees. But could it really be true? No. Sorry chicken wing lovers, it looks like this rumor is one big hoax.

The drama all started with this Craiglist ad:

And once people started talking about the Craigslist ad, Jacksonites were full of questions:

Alas, the intrepid journalists at Planet Jackson Hole decided to set the record straight. A call to Hooters of America CIO Chris Duncan revealed that while the Hooters board president has a home in Jackson Hole, he knows nothing about the rumors. Duncan also said that Hooters wouldn't use Craigslist to staff a new restaurant. Per the Planet Jackson Hole article:

"Believe me, if there was another reason for me to head out to Jackson for a ski trip I would be all for it," Duncan added. "But it sounds like you've been hoaxed."

So there you have it! Curbed Ski is relieved to report that the town of Jackson Hole will remain Hooters free. Looks like you'll have to find those chicken wings elsewhere.

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