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All Hostels Should be as Groovy as This New One in Shenzhen

From the Chinese studio that plopped its own headquarters atop a beer factory comes this striking renovation of a former dormitory in Shenzhen. Originally used to house immigrant workers of a dyeing factory, the concrete complex is now a vibrant youth hotel with the most eye-catching façade. To create a compelling contrast against the building's rough grey exterior, the designers turned all the openings into protruding boxes. The smaller, private windows now don perforated steel shades, and on the ground level, large, irregularly shaped openings feature various hued glass that create colorful peeks into the reception area, cafe, kitchen, and other common spaces.

In the renovation process, the overall layout of the building was preserved, but the interiors certainly had to be updated. Concrete floors have been repolished.The entrance to rooms have been given the same rainbowy glazing effect as the exterior. Rooms themselves now have colorful, newly painted walls and modern furniture. Take a tour, below.

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