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Man Says Screw It, Bulldozes Wife's House While She's Out

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Doing renovations is like going down a dark tunnel of loud drilling, rampant debris, and general chaos, sustaining only on the light at the end that says it'll all be worth it. And sometimes, "love it or list it" doesn't cut it anymore and you just have to find a third option. Case in point: James Rhein, a man from upstate New York who, upon deciding his wife's house was in too bad a shape to renovate, got a bulldozer and knocked the whole thing down, with her belongings still inside. Wife Diane Andryshak, who's the legal owner of the house, returned understandably distraught and totally perplexed. "We were not fighting, we were not arguing," she told WABC.

Whatever the rationale, Rhein seems to have run out of patience. He intended to get a demolition permit first, and even tried calling his wife a few times, but to no avail. And since the pertinent offices were closed for Martin Luther King Day, he just rented a bulldozer and did it himself. By the time Andryshak came home, Rhein was already in jail for criminal mischief.

He has since then been released on a $300 bail and in a later interview with WNBC, says he has talked to his wife and she is "over it" now. "We're good. I'm a good husband, what can I tell you?" He maintains that he didn't do anything wrong and it's the police who overreacted. But what does the obliterated house think?

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