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Can John Denver's Aspen Home Bring World Peace?

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A Summit County radio host and John Denver fan has a plan to help spread global peace through the purchase of his idol's home near Aspen, Colorado, but he needs your help. The 6,000-square-foot, six-bedroom, 4.5-bath home on 7.6 acres is listed for $10.75 million, and because that's just a little outside of his budget, Willie Hoevers is looking for investors. "I'm looking for people that will invest in peace," Hoevers told his listeners in an audio message. "It's an investment in peace. Nothing more, nothing less."

What would this investment in peace look like? Hoevers envisions turning the home Denver built in Aspen's exclusive Starwood subdivision into a site where global leaders and power brokers can meet to hash out the world's differences. "They can meet there and have conferences and seminars," Hoevers said.

Hoevers told his listeners that the idea came about as a way to preserve Denver's music and promote his ideas. Denver's most powerful idea, according to Hoevers, is to "bring peace around the world."

"I am trying to preserve the grace and integrity of John," Hoevers said of his plans. "And I hope to keep it as the guiding force behind the future of the house, if you will."

Before any peace-loving John Denver fans start getting ideas, unless you have a C.V. to back up your global peace bona fides, the private residence would remain off-limits under Hoevers' plan. "It's not going to be a tourist trap," he said, adding that the guard shack at the entrance to the Starwood neighborhood is there for a reason. Namely, keeping out John Denver fans.

Those of us who are not heads of state or Nobel laureates will have to content ourselves with photos of the singer-songwriter's manse, but Hoevers did confirm that the residence remains a special place. "I could sense (Denver's) spirit there," Hoevers said in an audio message after touring the home. "I could sense that it was his place."

Hoevers has a Facebook page, Fans of John Denver Around the World, setup for anyone interested in following his quest.

Any Curbed Ski readers feel like cutting a check for world peace?

-By Michael Schrantz

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