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Step Inside This Fashion Wunderkind's Whimsical NYC Digs

After storming the fashion world at age 11 with her uber successful style blog, Tavi Gevinson, now 18, has flexed her talents to take on editing her own magazine, acting in movies, and more recently, starring in a Broadway play. And her Lower East Side apartment, which the Coveteur recently got a tour of, seems to embody this kind of indefatigable creative energy. It's also as inundated with clothes and shoes as you might expect from a young style icon—decorate with what you love, right?

Beyond vibrant garments and handbags, which look perfectly at peace hanging over doors, windows, shower curtains, and framed artwork in these photos, the next most ubiquitous populations in the apartment are probably candles and books. Have another look below, and check out the full tour over at The Coveteur.

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