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Play the 'Ellen's Design Challenge' Unofficial Bingo Game

Guys, it's happening. It's all happening. This Monday, January 26, HGTV will debut the first episode of the first season of Ellen's Design Challenge, the much-anticipated furniture design competition show starring design aficionado and perennial house-flipper Ellen Degeneres. You may be asking yourself "Wha?? Ellen Degeneres?? An HGTV show??" to which the only proper response is "Duh" or perhaps "Wow I'm really embarrassed that you even asked that." That's because this show, in which (from what we can tell from the preview) Degeneres she sprawls across midcentury chairs and forces carpenters to run around lumber yards blindfolded, is about the most obvious next step for a wildly popular talk show host who has so much money she literally buys houses just because she likes decorating them.

Anyway, to celebrate what will undeniably be the TV premiere of the century, here's a quartet of Bingo cards you can print out and play with your friends and/or pets. The first to four in a row wins.

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